Release 1.8

Web Interface

User account management

You can now modify the elements of your user account (name, first name, email address, username and password) directly from our web interface.

Ability to create and edit "Tables" documents

"Table" type documents can now be created and completely edited from the web interface.

Change the documents background

You can easily add, edit, or remove backgrounds from your documents.

Recycle bin

The recycle bin is now accessible from the web version as well. It allows you to easily recover all the elements deleted by mistake (post-its or inserted objects).

Shape Library

You can import the different elements offered in our shape library to illustrate the documents you have created.

Panels and documents reorganization

Home page documents and panels can be rearranged as desired.

Archived documents management

The archived document management system, previously present only on the windows software, is now fully supported by the web version. You can now archive documents, tag them, view them and restore them if you want.

Document template creation

You can now create your own document templates directly from the web interface. The bookmarks, tags and search systems have also been implemented.

Manual thumbnail generation

To prevent those who work exclusively on the web version from ending up with a project home page without any document preview, we have implemented a mechanism for manually generating document previews. A simple click and you will find the preview on your home page.

Windows software for installed version 

Installer improvement

The installer now allows you to choose the language of the app, turn error reporting on or off, and choose whether or not you want to overwrite previous versions of the app. It also retrieves the server address from the parameters of previous installations.

Password recovery

If you have forgotten your password, you can now request to receive an email to reset it.

Language change

The language of the application can be changed directly from the login page.

New keyboards and dictionaries

New keyboards and dictionaries are available in the app (Dutch, Flemish, Polish, Romanian and Slovak).


User management (invitation email, activation, deactivation)

From the administration console (accessible only to the company administrator), user management has been considerably simplified. You can now invite a list of users simply by entering their email address. They will receive an invitation to finalize the creation of their account (last name, first name, username and password). You can also activate and deactivate a user with a single click.